the result of 10 years of R&D plus 3 years of industrial design in partnership with 100 engineers from Capgemini 


Euro Airship has analysed obstacles faced by historical and current Airship manufacturers and used this knowledge, combined with modern technology, to identify many areas for improvement using available technologies. This has resulted in the design of the EURO AIRSHIP rigid airship, which includes major innovations that are registered or pending patents. Remember that rigid airships have previously transported over 10,000 paying passengers on transatlantic routes.

HYBRID propulsion

Enabling an 80% decrease in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions (compared to conventional aircraft), the commercial airship of the future will be equipped with solar cells for complete decarbonization, similar to the current SOLAR AIRSHIP ONE demonstrator


The device features a sturdy structure and a reinforced envelope with a double layer, providing stabilization against external pressures and regulating internal temperatures. This technological advancement enables the airship to operate effectively in all weather conditions, resulting in increased profitability


To circumvent the moments of inertia linked with helium usage, the airship comprises 15 separate gas envelopes, which are managed individually, enabling prompt responses and anticipatory manoeuvring in response to meteorological events.


To achieve independence from external infrastructures, two ballasting systems will be offered: a traditional water-based system and a compressed air-based system, enabling complete device autonomy in specific use cases.


No heavy infrastructure on the ground is required to secure the airship, making it completely autonomous. For regular stops, a simple rotating platform on a sheet of water is sufficient.

Towards carbon neutrality

Thanks to technical innovations on the efficiency of solar sails, to research on fuel cells, and to the development of hydrogen solutions, we will be able to offer a fully optimized solution.

solutions for the future

The uses of the airship designed by EURO AIRSHIP can be multiple:
conventional & XXL freight, military or civilian surveillance, humanitarian aid,
EURO AIRSHIP turns first of all to a fast growing market: the eco-responsible tourism.

future VISION

Convinced that solutions for a greener aviation exist, EURO AIRSHIP develops in parallel a 100% electric solar-powered demonstrator.
This airship named SOLAR AIRSHIP ONE, which is intended to be marketed one day in versions for the general public and industry, will be the demonstrator of a reality.

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